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Expanding Your Potential

The Keystone Speakers is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-based group of speakers, facilitators, trainers, entertainers, technology, and management consultants. The organization formed with leaders in their respective fields banded together for mutual benefit.

A group of expert speakers in their respective fields came together in 2015 to form Keystone Speakers. Additionally, it has recruited exceptional outsiders to join in the journey to excellence in speaking and leadership and has become a leading group of experts.

Since inception, our members have spoken in ten countries on five continents. We deliver workshops, keynote speeches, seminars, consulting and coaching. The topics range from leadership, process improvement, business develop and growth, self-esteem and communication to professional and personal development.

This anthology is an excellent example of the expertise of our membership. The book was written with you in mind. It contains the Cornerstones and Keystones, solid Foundations for Success in Business and Life, the book focuses on Expanding Your Potential.

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