Suicide Denied


Suicide Denied

25.00 CAD

In this DVD I share the strategies I have used to pull out of a deep depression, keep it in check, RISE ABOVE and improve my mental health going forward.

My last suicide attempt was in 2002. My depression is still with me - but as a friend of mine who watched the DVD observed, "You now own something which once owned you."

out of the shadows


John Melnick Speaking Services   


Out of the Shadows

$25.00 CAD

We need to bring mental health issues "out of the shadows." In this DVD I share my story - how I went through an undiagnosed depression in my early 20's, self-treated it (without realizing that I was doing so), was mentally healthy for 25 years, and then became very mentally ill. If I had known what I was seeing in the first time I likely would have been able to avoid getting as sick as I did later in life.

I also present the "business case" reasons why businesses will benefit hugely by working to improve mental health conditions in the workplace. As per the Mental Health Commission of Canada, every dollar invested in mental health yields a four dollar return - 400% return on  investments is available. Wow!

Finally, I present my plan for challenging the entire mental health system. It needs to change - drastically - if we are to substantially improve mental health in society as a whole and RISE ABOVE.